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Our Heritage

This land has been a dairy farm since 1743 when local resident Jacob Benson bought large parcel with the fertile soil and established his homestead.
The adjacent street still bears his name as a Benson Hill road. The property has the original colonial farmhouse and barn which we lovingly restored with the full attention to the period architectural details.
We inherited a rich piece of the American history of dedication and caring about agriculture. We are proud to continue in that tradition.

Who We Are


Z Farms is a certified organic farm in the village of Dover Plains, New York. We conduct certified organic poultry and meat operations and grow berries and vegetables.

The goal is to deliver the freshest possible beef, lamb, goats meat, poultry, eggs and berries with the highest nutritional values to local communities. In order to do it we farm responsibly and carefully with the full respect to Earth natural resources and environmental factors.

We have our own bees that help pollinate berries and orchard trees. Agriculture that is productive yet replenishing and balancing to the health of the soil and local ecology as a whole is our highest priority.

Crops rotations, cover crops, strip tilling, contour tilling, summer fallow, composting, integrative pest management, biological pest control are just few examples of our responsible farming practices.

Our mission

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Development of fully sustainable diversified farm operations serving local communities and supplying customers with the best quality fresh meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits and berries.
Our mission: utilization of sound farming and land practices in order to increase soil fertility, increase soil organic matter, build top soil, minimize fossil fuel usage emphasize environmental stewardship. Animal nutrition is an important component of establishing healthy ecosystem with the human population on its other end.

Our farmstand open 10 am - 6 pm every day,
except Monday (8 am -4 pm).

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